Now out: Remain Silent A Manon Bradshaw Novel by Susie Steiner

Remain Silent is the third book in Susie Steiner’s Manon Bradshaw mystery series. I very much enjoyed this author’s first two novles in the series and was eager to read this one as well.
Remain Silent is, in some ways, a very tough read. It is the second book that I have finished recently that has a theme centering on the plight of illegal immigrants. Ms. Steiner portrays what happens to these characters including Matis, Lukas and others, with such brutal reality that it was painful to read. The message is an important one however and something that needs to be considered.
Manon herself can be acerbic, funny and a woman who makes many pithy parenthetical statements. In this book, Manon is overwhelmed with challenges. She has a young son, a teenaged son and a partner, Mark, who is in the hospital. Manon’s lament on how she wishes that she had been treating Mark better will strike a chord with anyone who has faced challenges in a relationship.
Around all of this, of course, there is a mystery. The murder is that of one of the immigrants and Manon is tasked with solving the case. Readers who have read the series will welcome back characters on her team including Davy.

The afterword by the author reveals some of what she, herself, has been experiencing and this, too, has been quite sad and difficult.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in an excellent series in exchange for an honest review. I hope that Ms. Steiner will continue writing. She is a talented and clear eyed author.

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