Choices matter: Nevertheless, She Wore It 50 Iconic Fashion Moments by Ann Shen

There may not be a fashion gala at the Metropolitan Museum (in New York) this spring but maybe you would still like to think about fashion.  How is it defined?  What choices speak to you?  What is culturally important?  How are statements made through clothing and hair styles.

This book is beautifully illustrated  as it shows 50 iconic looks and talks about each.  You will recognize some of the people of fashion on the cover.  For example, there are Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Michelle Obama and Princess Diana sharing a space.  Learn more about their clothing choices and the impact that these choices yield.

So, what DID she wear nonetheless?  A few of the garments that are found in this title include the Afro, the Bloomers, The Meat Dress (Lady Gaga), The Revenge Dress, The Sleeveless Dress, The Tricolor Stripe and more.

The excellent introduction points out that fashion is a conscious way that a woman chooses to present herself.  In this book, many of those choices are feminist  The author sees seizing fashion as taking on a certain power.

History is contained in these pages as each fashion stands for something.  Think of bloomer, the stripe of the Suffragettes, the Afro or RBG’s collars.  All are presented thoughtfully here.

This is a title that can be read through or browsed in.  Either way, I recommend it.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

pub date:  September 1, 2020

#NeverthelessSheWoreIt #NetGalley

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