Read this! We The People The United States Constitution Explored and Explained by Aura Lewis; Evan Sargent

How many of you reading this review remember when Khzir Khan held up his copy of the Constitution during the last election cycle? How many of you recall anything that you learned about this document during your school years? It is so incredibly important to understand our Constitution, maybe never more than at this particular time.
This book provides a wonderful introduction (or refresher) to the important points that are included in the Constitution. It truly deserves a place in school and home libraries. The authors do a marvelous job of bringing their text to readers in a readable way and the illustrations will also engage children.
The authors begin by acknowledging the complexity of the Constitution and the difficulty that readers may find when encountering it . Nonetheless, they encourage children to see the original document in DC if they can. They then go on to make the Constitution accessible and relevant. There are clear explanations of the document and children will understand concepts including the branches of government, the amendments and more. They will also learn lots of trivia facts; for example, they will find out that the Constitution was written in secret. There are also many “What do you think?” sections that will invite readers to explore concepts..
I highly recommend this book. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read it and to offer my opinion of it.

Pub date:  July 1, 2020

#WeThePeople #NetGalley

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