Get to know me: I Am Not a Label 34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists from past and present by Cerrie Burnell

This anthology includes brief biographies of many highly accomplished people who have a disability.  In reading this title, kids can read about those who are well known, from Beethoven to Frida Kahlo to Stephen Hawking to Helen Keller and many more.  There are also entries about people whom I never knew before, as for example, the physicist Gustav Kirchhoff and Nabil Shaban, an actor and writer, or lawyer Catalina Devanda or athlete Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah..

Of interest is that the author of this collection herself has a disability.  She introduces her book by sharing a bit of her own story.  The author and those she features shine brightly as they are portrayed in her highly readable style.

Each entry is short and beautifully illustrated, making it very easy for young readers to become engaged.  There are also sections including a glossary and a list of resources.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

pub date:  July 7, 2020

#IAmNotaLabel #NetGalley

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