Let’s ponder: Big Thinkers and Big Ideas An Introduction to Eastern and Western Philosophy for Kids by Sharon Kaye, PhD

This primer on philosophy is geared to readers ages 8-to-12. These are years when kids soak up the world and ask lots of questions. It is quite possible that philosophy will be appealing to them at this stage, once they learn what it is about. This book provides an excellent introduction.
The text includes chapters that investigate questions including, how can I be a good person, and what is real, along with defining what philosophy is. Children will be exposed to the four branches of philosophy which include (in lay terms) reality, knowledge, ethics and critical thinking. The end of the book has a glossary and a list of resources.

The author writes in a style that will engage her audience. I like the ways in which she shows respect for her readers. and the ways in which she breaks material down.
Let a little thinker you know think about the big questions. Give them a chance to read this book.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.


#BigThinkersandBigIdeas #NetGalley

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