I want to go to this school! First Prize for the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

The Worst Witch books are a popular series for young readers.  They have also been made into a Netflix series.  So, children who know these books, and new readers, should both be delighted to add this book to their shelves.  It will give them an enjoyable and fun read.

Much like in Harry Potter, Jill Murphy creates an entire world for her characters.  It is based on British boarding schools but with its own take as Miss Cackle’s Academy.  This entry starts with Mildred flying to school on her broomstick.  Readers are immediately engaged as Mildred alters her flying height for her dog’s comfort, but what is bothering him?  And, the adventures go on from there.

I recommend this title highly.  It is fun and imaginative.  Those who are beginning to explore the joys of chapter books should delight in this one.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

pub date:  September 22, 2020

#FirstPrizeForTheWorstWitch #NetGalley

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