Time to do it: Calisthenics for Beginners Step-by-Step Workouts to Build Strength at Any Fitness Level by Matt Schifferle

Has covid left you inside for too long?  Do you feel that you want/need to do something that is a bit more physical?  If yes, this book could be a good resource.  It presents workouts that can be done at home and at varying levels of intensity.  If you stick with it, you should gain in strength and endurance. Good luck!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

From the publisher:

The Exercise:

The squat movement will condition every muscle in your lower body, including your quads, calves, hamstrings, and hips. Practicing box squats will iron out any bad habits and ensure your legs stay healthy.

How To Do It:

Start by standing upright with your heels right next to the box or bench you will be using. Reach out with your hands in front of you to provide a counter-balance. Begin the movement by sitting back with your hips while bending your knees forward to lower yourself down. Track your knees in the same direction as your toes while you descend. Touch the box gently with your hips and begin standing up while pressing down into your heels.

The Goals:

Aim to complete three sets of 30 squats with smooth and controlled reps. Be sure to keep your heels on the floor at all times and don’t let your feet twist or rock against the floor. Your feet should be still, as if they are set in concrete. Also, ensure your knees track in the same direction that your toes are pointing throughout each rep. You can vary this exercise by adjusting the height of the box.

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