What happened there? Starting from Seneca Falls by Karen Schwabach

In this centenary year of the vote for women, lots of stories are being told.  This one about Bridie and Rose brings events vividly to life.  While the story is geared towards readers aged 8-to-12, I would take that as a guideline.  As an adult, I also found that I enjoyed reading this book.  It begins to engage readers immediately as they meet Bridie who is locked up in the poorhouse and literally climbing up a wall.  Readers just know that she will have the wits, pluck and sense to better her life.  They will quickly see that this was not easy though and that Bridie faced some harsh treatment.  They will be glad when she finds a friend in Rose.

Readers will witness the struggles that the two girls face.  They will watch as Bridie gets a job with someone named Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  Yes, we all know how this ended but how we got there is so interesting.

This book is engaging and involving.  At the end of the novel are many helpful  historical notes.  These add greatly to the book.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read in exchange for an honest review.  It should find its place in home and elementary school libraries.

#StartingfromSenecaFalls #NetGalley

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