Get to know him: The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. A Biography Book for New Readers by Christine Platt

This is an engaging, illustrated biography for those who are starting to read chapter books.  The story of MLK is well told from the time that he was a young boy thinking that he wanted to be a fireman or a doctor or a performer through his years as a key person in the Civil Rights Movement. The author places King’s life in context by talking about the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, sit-ins and more, all in a way that children will be able to understand. As is true in other books in this series, there are maps, questions to think about, timelines, a family tree and more that enhance the chronological story of King’s life.

The end of the book includes a glossary and a bibliography.  These will add to the reader’s knowledge and offer chances to extend their learning.

During this time, when many are thinking about the BLM movement, this book provides a chance to think about how long this fight has been going on and how bravely MLK stood up for his beliefs.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#TheStoryofMartinLutherKingJr #NetGalley

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