Now out: The London Cabbie’s Quiz Book Pit your wits against the world’s smartest taxi drivers by Ian Beetlestone

“Everyone” always says that London cabbies are among the best. They are expected to know more, it seems to me, than taxi drivers in many other cities, including my own. Having this perspective, and having been in London cabs, I was intrigued by this title which turned out to be a fun one.
The book has been written and compiled by a London driver so it has authenticity. Learn about what needs to mastered in The Knowledge and know that it is not easy.
(Fans note that mystery writer Martha Grimes wrote a novel with the title, The Knowledge. It alludes to the drivers of London.)
On my last trip to London, I stayed in Kings Cross. Despite that insider experience, I could not answer most of the questions on the area. It is clear that I will not become a driver anytime soon. Nonetheless, I very much enjoyed this diverting read which, in addition to the questions, includes maps, commentary and more.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#TheLondonCabbiesQuizBook #NetGalley

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