Now out: I Am, I Can 365 affirmations for kids by Wynne Kinder, M. Ed

The time is just right for this book. It will help children to feel calm, centered and good about themselves. These are all qualities that will enhance young lives and help kids to cope during our current time of crisis.
The author recalls learning a mantra from her mom when she was young. This helped her to see the ways in which words can make a difference. She has grown up to write a helpful book.
This title is divided by months with each month having a theme. Some of those chosen by the author are Positivity, Growth, Love, Family and Friendship, and Generosity. Each month has a saying for each day and there are also activities. These include making a coping wheel, for instance. The photos and artwork have been well chosen to enhance the text.
This seems to me to be a positive, self-enhancing title. I recommend it for children that you know.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#IAmICan #NetGalley

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