Be calm: Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners 50 Meditations to Practice Awareness, Acceptance, and Peace by Dawn Mauricio

Have you been thinking that you would like to join the many who are practicing mindfulness?  Are you unsure about how to begin?  If yes, this book is a welcome resource that will get you started.

The book begins with a helpful introduction that explains what mindfulness is. This section of the book talks about elements of mindfulness such as non-judgment and patience, the types of mindfulness, a section of why meditation works, another on myths about meditation and more.

This title then includes 50 meditation exercises. Consider taking the time to do one each day.  Titles for some of the sessions include Sink into Sleep, Tend to Your Talk, Share the Goodness, Dig Doing the Dishes and more.  None takes too long and may well be worth your time.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#MindfulnessMeditationforBeginners #NetGalley

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