Now out: Death at High Tide An Island Sisters Mystery by Hannah Dennison

Hannah Dennison has written several mystery series; this title is the first in a new one about the “Island Sisters.” The islands of the title are the Scilly Isles. They make a great setting for a novel that bears some resemblance to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None as the characters are together on an island and can only go back to the mainland when/if the tides allow.

The Island Sisters are Evie and Margot. Evie, who married the much older Robert, has recently been widowed. Margot flies in from LA to support her but…does she have her own issues? (No spoiler, as I am sure that you know the answer.) The two go to Tregarrick Rock where possibly Evie has a claim to the local hotel, a place where all the suites are named for mystery writers, but is her claim valid? What about those on the island from the unhappily married couple, to the hotel employee with a prison record, the artist and the double named Lily who collects gossip, delivered island babies and seems to know everything?

There are several murders, a small police force, lots of walks in the mizzle (a cross between mist and drizzle) and more before all is revealed, as they say in mysteries. Along the way, the pages easily turn.

This is a story that requires a good deal of suspension of disbelief. There are many coincidences, interconnections and unlikely events. That said, it was a quick, fun read. I look forward to spending more time with Evie and Margot in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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4 thoughts on “Now out: Death at High Tide An Island Sisters Mystery by Hannah Dennison

  1. This book looks so good! I’m always looking for new cozy mystery series, and I’m especially excited with it being set on the same islands as And Then There Were None, which is one of my favorite mysteries of all time.


  2. Love your review! I agree with the point about there being too many coincidences for it to be very realistic. I think the story is fun enough, though, to allow for that. Glad you enjoyed it!

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