Are you ready? Potty! by Carol Zeavin and Rhona Silverbush

Potty! (Terrific Toddlers) by [Carol Zeavin, Rhona Silverbush, Jon Davis]Few developmental milestones preoccupy parents as much as potty training.  Especially for first time parents, it may feel as if their child will never master this skill, even as other little ones in their circle do.  (They will!)

Here to help are the authors of this empowering title.  It address this normal phase in a toddler’s life. The story is for children and parents to share. The book then ends with some guidance for adults.

In the story JoJo does not like wet diapers but is not ready to stop wearing them. Kai likes to sit on the potty but is not quite ready to use it without his diaper on.  Jack tries without luck and Ava has an accident in her underwear.  All are responded to warmly by the adults around them who encourage their efforts.  Parents can just read the story or they might engage with their toddler to see which child they feel like.

The multi-cultural illustrations are charmingly reminiscent of those of Helen Oxenbury.  They greatly add to the book’s appeal.

The note to parents and caregivers is very helpful.  It includes a section on the factors that lead to a child being ready for toilet training.   There are also suggestions for ways to help a child through this developmental phase.

This title is part of a series called Terrific Toddlers.  Each addresses an every day issue that parents/caregivers and children face.

Many thanks to the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review of this book which will be published in November 2020.


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