Cope better: Everyday Resilience A Practical Guide to Build Inner Strength and Weather Life’s Challenges by Gail Gazelle, MD

For everyone who wishes to better cope with the daily ups and downs of life, this book is a welcome resource. The author expresses a strong belief that each of us can cultivate that ability to cope with what life sends our way. In this helpful guide, she offers explanations, strategies and case examples in a readable voice.

The components of resilience are explored in the chapters that follow. These skills include perseverance, self-regulation, positivity, and self-care.
The author of this title is a good guide who writes with authenticity. She is open about the “bruises” that she faced in her own childhood. Doctor Gazelle also has professional experience that adds credibility. She worked for many years with hospice patients and later became a coach to other physicians.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this helpful title. All opinions are my own.

#EverydayResilience #NetGalley

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