Now Out:

The Mind Remedy

Discover, Make and Use Simple Objects to Nourish Your Soul

by Ruth Williams

The author of this title observes that objects can be symbols which are imbued with great meaning and healing potential. It is noted that this has been true over many centuries. The author also finds that objects that one makes can inspire even greater connections. In light of this,  she offers twenty different projects that bring together all that the author is trying to convey.  This book consists of four sections:  Finding Connection, Inner Peace, Self-Discovery, and Finding Your Roots. For example, an object to make in the first section is a teacup which will help to bring togetherness by having tea with a significant person. It is pointed out that over tea we are given space to talk and to care for someone.  There is then a project for making teacups with design and ideas for discussion.  For the Inner Peace section, one might make a worry doll or worry beads or a fidget toy. The book continues in this way for each of the subject areas.  Some of the projects look like they take more skill, while some, such as making a gratitude jar feel a bit easier.  All seem to inspire. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review. I like the concept of this book.  If you are a crafter looking for some thoughtful projects (and thoughts), I recommend this title.

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