Now out: A Question of Betrayal by Anne Perry

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Anne Perry is a prolific writer of historical mysteries. Long term fans have gotten to know the Pitts in two series. They have also spent time with Monk, Hester and Rathbone and have read seasonal mysteries featuring these characters and those around them. In addition, Ms. Perry wrote a four book series set in the period leading up to WWI. In her latest entry in her newest series, Ms. Perry writes yet another most excellent story of intrigue, love, betrayal and loyalty; all these in the build up to WWII. A Question of Betrayal follows last year’s Death in Focus, the start of a new and fresh series by this author.

A Question of Betrayal may be read as a standalone but will be most enjoyed by those who read last year’s first in the series. Again, readers watch as (a now wiser) Elena works for the intelligence service, sent with her camera and wits to Trieste to rescue an agent and secure vital information. The man she is to rescue is someone from her past. No spoiler here…read the book and you will soon find out. Although, readers feel secure that Elena should emerge safely as the last page is turned, Perry manages to make the book suspenseful.

Elena’s older sister Margot has a greater role to plan in this title as compared to the first. What she learns will tie in to the case that Elena is working on and also connects to a close friend of their grandfather. Her trip to a friend’s wedding in Germany as the power balance is shifting is vividly brought to life.

The story is set as the Nazis build up power. Many want to prevent this and yet is it possible? Ideals matter to these characters as readers will see. Turn the pages as they spend time in Trieste, Berlin and Britain in this wide ranging story.

Following a long and successful career, I admire Ms. Perry for setting out to do something new. The result is nothing less than splendid.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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