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Good For You

Bold Flavors with Benefits

by Akhtar Nawab

#goodforyoucookbook #NetGalley

This cookbook will be welcomed by those who are gluten and/or dairy free, vegetarian, and/or vegan, or some combination of the above. Those with no particular dietary commitment may also enjoy the many delicious sounding recipes to be found within this title.

There are 100 recipes in all. Beside each one is information about the kind of recipe it is, for example GF for gluten free. The first chapter on foundations includes recipes for mayo, marinades, pastas and more. Following this are recipes for each meal of the day as well as sides, desserts, and various chutneys, aiolis and more.

So many recipes to choose from but I will take just one from each category. These recipes include pumpkin protein pancakes, Yuba noodle salad with ginger dressing and raw vegetables, smoked fish chowder, fish tacos with pistachio mole; roasted sweet potatoes with coconut oil and tandoori masala, rice pudding with fig puree and vanilla, and mango chutney.

The directions could be followed and the photos made me hungry. What more couldyou ask for ?

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honestr eview.

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