The title is from a poem: More Miracle Than Bird

by Alice Miller Audiobook edition

#MoreMiracleThanBird #NetGalley

This title is beautifully and charmingly narrated by Polly Lee. I found myself looking forward to hearing her voice and was always immersed in her words. Ms. Lee makes the characters of this novel and its settings come to life with her melodic reading.

The novel tells the story of Georgie Hyde-Lees and those around her. She traveled in a circle with many in the arts. Much of the novel is about Georgie’s relationship with William Butler Yeats, Willie to her. Georgie’s close friend Dorothy marries Ezra Pound so the literary is quite present in this work.

Georgie, Yeats and others were interested in mediums and an organization that was cult like. I had no knowledge of this organization before hearing this novel and found that to be quite interesting.

An additional key character in the book is Pike. He serves as a kind of counterpoint to Yeats. Pike is a wounded soldier who very much wants to be involved with Georgie. There are many others in the story as well from Georgie’s parents to hospital the nursing director and more. Each seeks to influence Georgie in some way.

Georgie is portrayed as a young woman who is trying to live her life. She is human and makes mistakes. She is busy as a translator, hospital nurse and more. Her life unfolds in this work.

Some reviewers did not seem to like this book. However I did. I was interested in the time period, the characters and the story line.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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