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World Politics in 100 Words

Start conversations and spark inspiration

by Eleanor Levenson

#WorldPoliticsin100Words #NetGalley

Politics is a subject much talked about in our current climate. This title, geared to elementary school children aims to educate and open up topics for discussion. As the title notes, there are 100 words in all. Just a few of those included are bureaucracy, activist, capitalism, patriotism, leader and more.
Many thanks to NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review. This well illustrated reference deserves a place on school and home library shelves.

From the publisher:

World Politics in 100 Words
Unless you live as a hermit, hiding out in an isolated cave and never seeing anyone or buying anything, then you need to understand politics. Whether you can go to school, whether you have healthcare when you are sick, what you can buy and sell, and even whether you are free to walk down the street when you want—all of these things are affected by the way politics work, the people who become politicians, and the political decisions they make.
In every country the political systems and culture are different. But the first step to changing the world—or even to keeping it the same—is to understand how things work. This book tries to start that process for you, explaining some of the words and concepts that you will come across when you start to take an interest in politics.
And thinking about it, even hermits need to know this! Otherwise they won’t know how to object if the politicians decide to take over all of the caves…

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