The Fountains of Silence (SAMPLER)

by Ruta Sepetys

#TheFountainsofSilenceSAMPLER #NetGalley

I was very excited to see this excerpt from The Fountains of Silence on NetGalley. My sister, who loves historical fiction, highly praised this novel. Although we may not always agree, we agree that this book is worth reading.

Although this title was published as a young adult novel, in my opinion both adults and young adults will find it to be interesting and involving. The setting, Franco’s Spain, engages the reader. There have been many historical novels set in France, Germany and England but not so many in Spain. Readers will learn what happened to the country under the Fascist leader. There are repercussions for today’s politics as well.

As in all good historical fiction, there are characters to learn about and connect with. Over the course of the book, readers will get to know Ana and those around her. They will also meet Daniel who gets to know Ana and her family. They were on the Republican side during the war. This is the side that was against Franco and has impacted them.

This sampler was enough to intrigue me and I now plan to read the novel. Have you read it? If yes, what are your thoughts?

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this excerpt. All opinions are my own.

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