Are you feeling festive? Christmas at the Island Hotel

A Novel

by Jenny Colgan

#ChristmasattheIslandHotel #NetGalley

This title is Jenny Colgan’s seasonal gift to her regular readers. They will be transported back to the small island of Mure, where they will find the characters that they have gotten to know and care for, the hotel, the bakery, the scenery and some romance.

Fans will be updated on Saif, the immigrant physician and the schoolteacher who is quite fond of him. They will find out how Flora is faring as a mom. Readers will observe Fintan’s grief and his struggle to move through this. Isla becomes a more central character. Readers also meet a Norwegian young man. He has been sent by his (wealthy) father to learn about work at the hotel. His boisterous dog also makes his presence known.

The holiday season is a part of the story. I enjoyed reading about the arrival of the boat carrying the Christmas trees and the seasonal celebrations.

Those not familiar with the recurring characters may enjoy this book a bit less. Of course, though, they can start the series by picking up The Summer Seaside Kitchen and then the two other titles, The Endless Beach and Christmas on the Island. They can then return to Mure again with this one.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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