Now out: The Encyclopedia of New York

by The Editors of New York Magazine

Whether you live in New York, have visited or, would just like to know more about this city, this eclectic title may pique your interest. In it, the editors of the iconic New York Magazine share all sorts of information on this metropolis.

The introduction points out the ways in which Manhattan has constantly adapted and changed. For example, as the editors point out, South Street once contained warehouses while Soho had factories. Now, these neighborhoods are filled with trendy shops and restaurants. Industries changed also; once there were no longer so many factories other industries thrived here including publishing and finance. And so it goes, in this constantly evolving city. Get to know it through this title which takes innovation as its theme.

The book is arranged with alphabetical entries. so, for example, A has everything from Abstract Expressionism (which began here), to the Algonquin Round Table to the Automat and more. There are so many entries in this book. Readers can go in order or dip in and out. They will find something interesting wherever they land. Just a couple of others from the beginning of the alphabet are Big Bird and the Crossword puzzle.

This book would make a good gift for anyone who loves the city or wants to know more about it. With its many illustrations and entries, it is an entertaining read.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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