Adding to the Family: New Baby!

New Baby! (Terrific Toddlers)

New Baby! is a new title in the Terrific Toddlers series. These books are published in conjunction with the American Psychological Association and have the benefit of that organization’s expertise. Every entry is designed to help parents and children cope and thrive as normative events are experienced.

In this title, Kai is about to become a big brother. What should he expect? How will he manage his feelings? How will mom and dad relate to himt?

Children will watch Kai react to becoming an older sibling. Most importantly they will see that Kai’s moods and feelings are accepted and respected. They will also see that he, of course, remains an important family member.

The section for adults at the end of the book is very helpful. There are suggestions on how to engage a toddler in a sibling’s arrival and recognition of the older child’s needs during this time.

This is a short but very useful book. The text is simple and the illustrations are sweetly engaging. Parents can start reading this title to their child before a baby is born and continue to read it when the new family member arrives. It can offer a jumping off point for age appropriate conversations.

Many thanks to the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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