Get writing: You Couldn’t Make It Up…!

Unpublished Letters to The Daily Telegraph

by Kate Moore

#YouCouldntMakeItUp #NetGalley

The editor of this collection notes that we have been living through unusual times. However no matter how hard things are or perhaps because they are difficult, people keep writing in to their newspapers. In this book, many of the letters received by the Daily Telegraph are published.

Following the introduction, topics include Family trials and tribulations, A year in politics, That’s entertainment, Trials, tries and celebrations, Home thoughts on abroad, Boldly going nowhere, Long to reign over us, Use and abuse of language and Dear Daily Telegraph.

The letters in this book can be read in any order and dipped into whenever the mood strikes. Some are very witty while others reflect current realities with a more subtle humor. All can be enjoyed.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this engaging collection. All opinions are my own.

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