Start looking: An Alphabet of Alphabets

26 alphabetical games, from A-Z!

by AJ Wood, Mike Jolley

#AnAlphabetofAlphabets #NetGalley

This is a fabulous, fun and interesting alphabet book. Each letter of the alphabet has its topic; for example, B for Birds. N for Neighborhood and right on through Z for Zoo. There is an intricate colored drawing for each of the letters. Within them, children look for objects in alphabetical order or any order they choose, of course. For example, in the bird entry, they will find an albatross, a bluebird,a cockatoo…until finally a Zebra finch. There also seems to be a mouse in each spread. The book offers lots to see and learn while being entertaining.

I enjoyed this title. I think that children will too. Maybe this is just the thing for a car trip or some fun at home.

Many thanks to NetGalley for this title. All opinions are my own.

From the publisher:

Pub Date 24 Nov 2020

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