The importance of one’s place: Jane Austen at Home

A Biography

by Lucy Worsley

I am currently re-reading (and enjoying) Pride and Prejudice in anticipation of a three class sequence in early December. This will be about the fourth time that I have read P and P. It continues to enchant and feels like the perfect read for our current unsettled times.

While reading, I remembered that I had not yet read Jane Austen at Home, even though I have had this title for quite some time. Well, this was just the right moment to read it as it has offered yet another lens through which to see P and P and its author.

Lucy Worsley is known to many because of her tv appearances. She is also a writer, and a good one. This title is a biography of Jane Austen that focuses on the many places where she spent time and the importance of home. (Perhaps she was in advance of Virginia Wool’s A Room of One’s Own.). Ms. Worsley reminds the reader that it was often through marriage that women secured a safe place to live. This is one reason that Charlotte Lucas chooses her husband in P and P.

Throughout this book was an engaging read. I highly recommend it to Austen fans.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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