It’s approaching: The Shortest Day by Colm Toibin

#TheShortestDay #NetGalley

Colm Toibin is a beautiful writer. I adored his novel, Brooklyn, and there are other titles by him that I would like to read. The Shortest Day by this favorite author is a short story and one that seems appropriate for this time of year with the solstice approaching.

The Shortest Day is a gorgeous story written by a master. I was immersed in its world so quickly. The tale is about an archaeologist who is researching a site, Newgrange, that brings to mind a sacred site like Stonehenge. He is a man of reason and proofs. Readers observe him, his wife and his personality.

Within Newgrange are the spirits of those from a time almost before time. These spirits have personalities, vanities, tempers and other qualities of humans. They await a special light that comes only once each year on the shortest day. This light sustains them in times ahead. The spirits do NOT want an archaeologist to visit at this sacred time.

From this set up, what happens? I highly encourage you to read this short story to find out. I was engrossed in this tale while I was told a story by a most competent, capable and intriguing master.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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