The Jane is Miss Austen: Jane in Love

A Novel

by Rachel Givney

#JaneinLove #NetGalley

This novel requires substantial suspension of disbelief. If you are not able to accept this, it may take you longer to become immersed in this title or it may not be for you.

In the opening of the story, Jane Austen (yes, that Jane) is twenty-eight years old. She is living in Bath with her family and she is a bit of a free spirit. Jane, though, is also acutely aware that she is not married and that marriage is expected of her. She meets someone who invites her to the Pump Room which is a location for proposals; however, the proposal never takes place. What is Jane to do? Well, in this author’s imagination, Jane travels to the future.

In (our) the present, Jane finds herself on a film set for a movie of Northanger Abbey. Of course, she does not at first understand that she is in a new time zone/period. She meets an actress, Sofia, and that actress’s brother, Fred, for whom she feels an attraction.

What will happen to each of these characters? Will readers enjoy being in 1820s England and the present day country? Will the characters find (or reawaken) a true love? Will Jane stay in (her) future or travel back in time to remain one of the most beloved of English authors. Read the book to find out.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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