Now out: They could sing! We Are The Supremes

by Zoë Tucker

#WeAreTheSupremes #NetGalley

Pub Date 05 Jan 2021  

I previously reviewed another entry in this series; that one was about the Beatles. This time, the featured group is the Supremes.

First of all, I loved the illustrations in this title. They were bright, colorful and evocative of the time when the women of the Supremes were growing up. The story of Mary, Flo and Diana is engagingly told. Readers see the evolution of this girl group from high schoolers, their time as the Primettes and their eventual fame as the Supremes.

The group came together during an era of prejudice. For this black trio, gaining the attention and help of Berry Gordy made a huge difference as readers will see. They will also read some fun facts about the group like that a song by the Supremes was played when a space craft was returning to earth.

This is a well told story of three girls with a dream and how they fared. It includes additional information on the group at the end of the book. I recommend it .

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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