Exploring during Covid, take a look:

Lockdown Walks

A Picture Story

by Netty Cracknell

#LockdownWalks #NetGalley

Earlier this year a friend made a photo book and sent it to those to whom she feels close. Spring was depicted therein and offered a verdant reminder that nature and life were going on during the pandemic. As soon as my local botanical garden allowed visits, I began going there and have taken so many photos as the seasons have evolved. Netty Cracknell also took photos, lots of them, during Covid as she reactivated an old hobby. This collection of photos of her corner of England is the result.

This is a lovely book to look at in many sections but also one that is sad at times. To get the sadness out of the way, Ms. Cracknell captures the deserted high streets and more urban locations with no one there, providing a poignant remainder of the emptiness of the pandemic. However, she also has gorgeous photos of canal boats, locks, bridges, sunrises, trees, swans and more. For those who enjoy photography and want to remember this time or just enjoy the scenes, I recommend this title.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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