Some e book bargains for December 29, 2020

The Stars Are Fire
Some Tame GazelleThe Last Story of Mina LeeThe Other Windsor GirlTear Me ApartThe Nun’s TaleThe Country GuesthouseSarah ThornhillThree Novels28 SummersThe Heir Affair (The Royal We Book 2)

I have reviewed The Other Windsor Girl, The Country Guesthouse and The Heir Affair. Below is my review for the title about Princess Margaret.

The “other” Windsor Girl is Princess Margaret, known to many because of the successful tv series, The Crown.  This book is another way to gain perspective on Margaret, those around her and the times in which she lived. Readers will move through the sedate 40s right up to the 60s.

The narrative includes a mix of historical and fictional people and a wide variety of both royal homes and places where Margaret spent time. The most prominent of the fictional characters is Vera who becomes a lady in waiting to Margaret, thus giving her a fly on the wall perspective to royal life.  Her story is one of making choices after coming under the royal gaze.  Are the choices that she makes ones that she will regret?

The underpinning of the novel is the impact that being A princess but not THE princess had on Margaret who garnered less attention and found it difficult to establish a meaningful life.  She often wanted what she could not have and did not want what was there for her.

In my opinion, this novel started a bit slowly but  is worth staying with until the end.  The skill of the author is such that I kept hoping for Margaret to have the life she yearned for, especially in her relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend, all while knowing what happened historically.

This book can provide a bit of escapism as we all are in our homes dreaming of having a more exciting life.  I rate it at four stars.

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