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A wonderful novel and one that I did not want to leave: Escaping Dreamland by Charlie Lovett

by joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

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I have adored every book that I have read by Charlie Lovett and this title is no exception. It is so clear that this author loves all things book related. Each novel has a connection to something literary: in First Impressions, for example, it is Jane Austen and there is generally a dual time line.

Escaping Dreamland is another winner! This novel is a love letter to series books and New York. Any one who ever read Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys and loved going from one title to the next will relate to the protagonist and the power of reading as expressed in this novel. I liked that there was credit given to those books that are not “great,” but are greatly loved.

In the dual timeline, much of the book takes place in the early 1900s and just before. Readers get to marvel at the Statue of Liberty when it was new and visit an artists studio that is frequented by the famous bankers and writers of the day, including Henry James.

The three protagonists in the past represent different cultures and childhood experiences. How they come together and what they do is one of the story lines. The modern parts of the novel are about a writer, his relationships, his struggles and his relationship to his beloved childhood series.

I absolutely loved this book. I am already longing for the next book by this author.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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