An e book bargain for February 19, 2021

Novels by Sara Donati…historical and long!

by joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

The Gilded Hour is an e book bargain today.

Here is my earlier review:

The Gilded Hour by [Sara Donati]Where the Light Enters by [Sara Donati]The Gilded Hour is a very long novel coming in at 742 pages.  If your dream during this crisis is to read an absorbing story that will keep you going for days, this one is worth reading.

The  Gilded Hour is the first of two books with Where the Light Enters also having been published.  By the way, the second book currently only costs $2.99 in e book format.  I bought it at a higher price when it came out.

The two main characters of the series are Anna and Sophie Savard.  Anna and Sophie are both physicians in turn of the century New York.  The city itself is portrayed in all its classes, from the poorest immigrants to the ballrooms.  Anna and Sophie are surrounded by a rich cast of characters, most fictional and a few historical.  Their relationships and work form the focus for the story.

Around this structure, there is something happening in New York.  If what I write next offends you, this will not be the book for you.  Women did not have access to much in the way of contraceptives at this time.  This led some to seek help in terminating pregnancies.  Anna and Sophie see that women are dying from procedures done by someone, but who?.  Who has done this will be a part of both of these novels, though I have only read the first.

I enjoyed The Gilded Hour and plan to read Where the Light Gets In.  Let me know what you think…have you read books by this author?

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