Not the most restful vacation: Death at the Seaside

A Kate Shackleton Mystery

by Frances Brody

Frances Brody has written a number of entries in her series featuring Kate Shackleton. The books are historical mysteries. I first bought the novels in England and was delighted when they became easily available in the States. Death at the Seaside is the eighth of the titles.

Before reviewing the book, I want to say how much I adore the cover. Each title in the series has an appealing cover that engages the reader. I always want to dip into the books as soon as I see the gorgeous illustrations.

This time Kate is on her way to visit a friend who lives in Whitby, a town that attracts a number of tourists and wants to maintain a good reputation. Soon Kate learns that her friend Alma’ daughter has disappeared. The only clue is a pawn ticket. And…what will happen once the jeweler is found dead?

Of course, Kate becomes involved and readers will follow her through the adventures that she has while solving the case. Long time readers will enjoy spending time with the regulars who assist Kate. New readers will easily be drawn in.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

Editorial Reviews


“Frances Brody writes marvelous British mysteries, and if you haven’t met the wonderful Kate Shackleton, Death at the Seaside is the perfect place to start this terrific series! Whether you are already a Brody fan or new to the Kate Shackleton series, Death at the Seaside is a mystery you just plain can’t miss!” –Charles Todd, bestselling author of the Ian Rutledge Mysteries and the Bess Crawford Mysteries

“A delightful trip through time and space to 1920s England with a heroine who would make the ladies of the Golden Age proud.” –Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author of the Royal Spyness and Molly Murphy novels

“In Kate Shackleton, Frances Brody has created a smart and endearing sleuth whose resourcefulness and skill for deduction shine as she investigates murders in 1920s England. With vivid settings, colorful characters, and excellently-plotted mysteries, this series is an absolute delight!” –Ashley Weaver, author of the Amory Ames mysteries

“In Brody’s tightly woven eighth mystery set in 1920s England, PI Kate Shackleton takes a holiday in the resort town of Whitby…. Brody provides plenty of period flavor and just enough clues to point armchair sleuths to the solution.” —Publishers Weekly on Death at the Seaside

“Kate finds herself drawn into a complex case redolent of classic interwar mysteries in which motives abound and old secrets are eventually revealed. In addition to re-creating the feeling of the golden age, Brody this time provides a stronger mystery than usual.” —Kirkus Reviews on Death at the Seaside

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