Now out:

The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris

by Ruby Boukabou

To me, Paris is a magical city. The first time that I visited, I could not believe that I was standing in front of so many places that lived in my imagination. On that first trip, I cried when I left the city; that is how much being there had meant to me.

Of course now, travel is much more complicated and I don’t see a trip to the City of Light in my near future. So, I was delighted to come across this book that allows for a lovely virtual visit. Early in the book, there is a helpful architectural timeline that helps readers to recognize the styles and periods in Paris’s history. From there, some of the topics covered in this title are cafes, restaurants and bars; train stations; Metro entrances; churches; museums, public parks, cemeteries and more. Also included are hotels and information on shopping. In addition, there is a helpful section of sell-guided walking tours. Throughout, the book is filled with photos that bring Paris to life. .

Take a look at this guide. Dream of when it will be possible to visit again.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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