Who is: The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

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A number of years ago, I read an entertaining mystery series by someone named Kathy Hogan Trochek. The stories featured Callahan Garrity. She ran a cleaning service as I recall but bodies always seemed to be in the way. I recommend the novels. What is relevant here is that KHT and Mary Kay Andrews are one and the same! This meant that I knew that The Newcomer would feature an involving story line, good plotting and interesting characters. I was not disappointed.

The Newcomer in this story could be looked at as several different people, although I think that it principally refers to Letty. Letty and her sister Tanya grew up in less than stable circumstances. Letty, an aspiring actress, has moved to New York. She meets and gets to know Evan. Not long after, Letty’s sister Tanya joins Letty, thus becoming a newcomer to New York. She proceeds to take over Letty’s boyfriend (Evan) and works as an aspiring model. When something happens to Tanya, Letty flees with Tanya’s little girl. Letty then becomes the newcomer at a Florida motel that is run by a very goodhearted woman. Letty got the name of this motel from Tanya’s belongings.

Why did Tanya keep the clipping on the motel? Who was responsible for what happened to Tanya? Will Letty successfully be blamed by Evan? Will Evan track her down?

Around this, also get to know Joe. He is a cop and the son of the motel owner. Will he figure out Letty’s story? If/when he does, will he then help or harm her?

The fun of reading this book is the sense that everything should mostly work out in the end. This lets readers relax and immerse themselves in a perfect beach book that is partially set at a beach.

I read some of this book and listened to some of it on audio. Both ways were involving and entertaining. The narration of the audio book got me through many a walk in the heat.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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