What will make you: Blush by Jamie Brenner

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The title of this novel has several meanings as readers who pick up this one up will discover. See how many you can come up with. It was a clever name for the book.

This novel is about Leonard and Vivian (who married somewhat against the wishes of Vivian’s family) and those around them. Together the two founded the Hollander Estates winery. At first, Vivian felt like she made a real contribution to the vineyard but, over time, Leonard became the one making all of the decisions. Is this about to change? What will be the role of a French Count in this?

Vivian and Leonard had two children, Leah and Asher. A traditional patriarch, Leonard has involved Asher in the business while keeping his daughter at bay. Is this the best plan? Leah is a successful cheese monger and capable business woman. Her husband Steven and daughter, Sadie are other characters in the novel as are some of the men who work for the winery, including Mateo.

As the novel opens, Hollander Estates is facing major changes. These have the potential to impact all of the characters. Readers will watch as decisions are made.

Brenner is interested in the story’s women and their agency. Interestingly, she brings this topic more into focus by highlighting a number of books from the 1980s including Scruples, MIstral, Lucky and others. Do the fictional women characters in this novel have something to teach the women in the story? Will they help Sadie to complete her academic studies?

Readers can probably guess some of how the story will unfold but the book can still be enjoyed. They will also learn a fair bit about wine (and cheese) along the way.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

From the Publisher

Blush, Jamie Brenner
Blush, Jamie BrennerBlush, Jamie BrennerBlush, Jamie Brenner

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