An e book bargain for 8.22.21

The Postscript Murders

by Elly Griffiths

#ThePostscriptMurders #NetGalley

Pub Date 02 Mar 2021

PS for PS. What does it mean? Read this entertaining and intriguing second book in the series about Harbinder to find out! You will be glad if you do.

Harbinder, a gay, Indian woman who grew up in England is a detective. She first became known to readers in this author’s The Stranger Diaries. She is back in fine form here. Harbinder is open about who she is and what it is like to be living with her parents (still) while she is in her 30s. Several characters lead her into the (possible) murder of Peggy Smith, a murder consultant. What is that, you ask? Again, read the novel to find out.

Those who lure Harbinder to investigate are:

Natalkya-She is beautiful, Ukranian and a person with a lot of hidden assets Where did they come from? Who is following her? Despite her education and money, she works as a carer. Peggy was one of her clients.

Edwin-He was Peggy’s neighbor in their seaside retirement community. Edwin grew up gay, worked for the BBC and feels some youth restored as he becomes involved in the investigation.

Benedict-He runs and owns the local coffee kiosk where he has served the others. Benedict had once been a monk. Why did he become one? Why did he leave his order?

Oh, by the way, Peggy’s death is just the first. Why is another popular author and several others receiving mysterious notes? How many will die?

How this cast of characters come together, have adventures and try to figure out what happened to Peggy makes for a well-told tale. Along the way, there are thoughts about the world of publishing, appearances at writer’s talks and festivals, a trip to Scotland and more.

I would (and do) read anything (and everything) by Ms. Griffiths. This includes the wonderful Ruth Galloway Series, her historical detective series and the stories about Harbinder. Please, please keep writing Ms. G. Give her books a read. You, too, will become a fan.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

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