500 Miles From You is an e book bargain for 9.19.21

500 Miles from You: A NovelJenny Colgan has found fertile ground for her novels in Scotland where she has set a number of  women’s fiction/romance titles.  500 Miles From You is the latest of these.  I found it to be a relaxing read and recommend it for some pleasant distraction.  If that sounds like faint praise, it isn’t.  I find that as this unusual life we have continues, being transported to a fictional world can be most welcome.

In this story, Lissa is a community nurse in London, while Cormac holds down a similar job in a small Scottish village.  The two swap places for a number of months.  Traumatized Lissa falls in love with her new life which is idyllically presented.  Cormac is initially overwhelmed in London but slowly feels a bit better there.

Cormac and Lissa have one very important case that they share, that of a young girl who has received a heart transplant.  The donor ties the two story lines together.

Lissa and Cormac get to know one another through texting.  Readers know that they will eventually meet but this takes awhile and some plotting on the author’s part.  By the time the meeting takes place, many readers will be rooting for this couple.

There are many secondary characters in the novel.  Some of them are new, while others have made appearances in other novels by Ms. Colgan.  However, readers do not have to have read any of the prior books in order to enjoy this one.

If I had one small quibble with this novel, it would be that it tilted so favorably toward Scotland, somewhat slighting the glories of London.  That aside, I recommend this one for a fun read.

Have you read books by Jenny Colgan?  Did you enjoy them?  Let me know, please.

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