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How to Greet a Grandma

by Donna Amey Bhatt

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This sweetly illustrated book celebrates grandmothers all over the world. Customs, ways of greeting, special advice and more are offered regarding the ways of Omas, Mamgus, Babushkas and many other grandmothers in the places where they live. There are some general observations at the beginning of the book and then the individual country fun begins.

Children who are curious about how their lives are the same/different from others may well enjoy looking at this book with that special family member.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

From the Publisher

Various items around the words "How to Greet a Grandma"

There is no one quite like a grandma.

Grandmas can take on many roles: teachers, playmates, heroes, life-coaches… They can be funny, wise, warm—and they come with a variety of hairstyles!

Grandmas are found in every country in the world. You might know yours as nanna, granny, grams, memaw, gran-gran, or something else. Every grandma is one of a kind, although they often share some similarities.

In this book, you’ll travel the world and visit different grandmas. You’ll learn how to greet them and discover some of the traditions and wisdoms they might share with you.

Can you recognize any of these glorious global grandmas?

Let’s celebrate every one of them!

An adult playing maracas with two kids.An adult reading to a child in their bedroom.A child and an adult flying a kite.
Bonjou, Grann! (gra-anne) WHERE TO SPOT A GRANN: Haiti HOW TO GREET HER: A kiss on the cheek GRANN WISDOM: Hope makes one live In Haiti, a Grann’s job is often a bit like the boss of the family. She might help make decisions, set an example, and stay clued up on everyone’s activities! Many Granns are also very social, often going to market with their friends and helping others at community events.Kumusta po, Lola! (low-lah) WHERE TO SPOT A LOLA: The Philippines HOW TO GREET HER: Take her hand and touch it to your forehead saying “Kumusta po” LOLA WISDOM: Whatever you do, think about it seven times first Would you like to see your grandma every day? If so, a Lola would be perfect, since Filipina grandmas often live with their grandchildren. Sharing a home with a Lola is a way for her family to thank and take care of her, and also means a Lola is around to help, play, and tuck her grandkids in at night!Salam, Bibi-jan! (bee-bee-jan) WHERE TO SPOT A BIBI-JAN: Afghanistan HOW TO GREET HER: Place your right hand over your heart and say, “Salam” BIBI-JAN WISDOM: A river is made drop by drop When you’re feeling kind of lost, you can always depend on a Bibi-jan. In Afghanistan, grandmas are very respected and families often turn to their Bibi-jan for help and advice. Many Bibi-jans live with their families—this way, they can share their wisdom and skills every day of the week!

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