My Day in Small Drawings

Write. Draw. Reflect.

by Matilda Tristram

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The author of this title feels passionately about the ways in which writing comics can be helpful to the one doing the drawing and captioning. It may also be helpful or inspiring or humorous or…to others if shared. The comic offers a visual way of thinking that can be augmented with text. The cartoon can make a point, evoke emotion, provide catharsis or more.

Ms. Tristram began making comics when she was diagnosed with cancer. Expressing herself with this form was important to her and she shares why this is so.

After a detailed introduction, there are a number of prompts. These are followed by pages where the owner of the book can make their own comics. She shares her own on each subject and these help to put budding artists in the spirit to create.

For those who are looking for ways to express themselves, this book may be quite intriguing. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sharing it. All opinions are my own.

Four stars

From the Publisher

My Day in Small Drawings with colored pencils around it.

A unique insight into recording your daily life and embracing the ordinary through comic art

The 52 sections in the book can be completed in any order. Start with a prompt that appeals to you. If you find any subject particularly inspiring, do continue with it outside of this book.

Or you might find that some of the starter subjects don’t appeal as much, in which case use those sections to continue with other narratives that you are enjoying. You could ignore the frames provided and divide your pages differently, if you like, with similar or larger boxes. It will be a record of your life that grows with you.

As I got further into writing and drawing this book, I noticed my drawings improving. It’s tempting to start again at the beginning and redo the whole thing – but that’s just what happens with drawing, and with any kind of creative art: the way you work will always develop and change.

Cafes page of My Day in Small Drawings  with colored pencils.


Take inspiration from yourself and your immediate surroundings, from everyday rituals, activities or spaces, to objects or garments that mean something to you. Enjoy thinking about how each experience or thing makes you feel and write those fragments down.

Cafes page of My Day in Small Drawings  with colored pencils.


Items That Make Me Happy page of My Day in Small Drawings .


Music page of My Day in Small Drawings .


Overheard Portraits page of My Day in Small Drawings .


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