The Body in the Garden is an e book bargain for 12.25.21

The Body in the Garden

A Lily Adler Mystery

by Katharine Schellman

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The Body in the Garden is the first title in the Lily Adler historical mystery series. A second book has already been published. This one will be an engaging treat for those who enjoy cozies set in the past. The characters are brought to life and readers will be interested in their connections to one another.

At a time when a woman’s role was to be a wife, in this story set in 1815, Lily is a young widow. This makes her place in society different from that of her peers. When the story opens, Lily has recently returned to London. Her best friend invites her to a ball, assuring Lily that, as she now wears lavender mourning garments, it is acceptable to attend. While at the soiree, Lily overhears a heated conversation in the garden. When a murder occurs, she is determined to find its cause, especially as the nascent police service has been paid not to investigate.

The victim is a friend of Miss Oswald. She is of mixed race, born outside of marriage but acknowledged by her father and is a young woman with a great fortune. She, Lily, a friend of Lily’s husband named Jack, and others are involved in the unfolding events.

Reading this book requires some suspension of disbelief. I am not convinced that Lily would have been able to do all that she does had she been a real person in this time period. However, readers who will not be bothered by that will find this to be an easy and enjoyable read.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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