State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny is an e book bargain for 12.30.21

State of Terror: A Novel

State of Terror was a highly anticipated fall release. It will have its admirers and detractors. I suspect that conservative Americans will be offended by the thinly veiled references to the presidency of Donald Trump and the consequent perilous state that was left in his wake. But…this is fiction and should be judged as such.

This book is a page turning thrill ride that goes from one scary scenario to another. Throughout is a stalwart Secretary of State, Ellen, who I imagine has some of HRC’s characteristics. Ellen is a good person who is willing to take risks for the good of her country. She was appointed by a president who did not like her and who perhaps wanted her to fail; will she?

Interestingly, readers learn a bit, through Ellen, about how women are judged. Ellen takes advantage of this in her role as chief diplomat. For example, while she may act one down or look a bit disheveled Ellen is as clever as they come.

In addition to the action and the feeling of insider information, there are some nice relationships with the main characters and their connections. Ellen’s friendship with Betsy is the kind of relationship many wish for with their closest connections. Readers also get to watch Ellen with her adult children.

There are many other characters in this book. All contribute to the story line and readers will care for many of them. The villains also get their time in these pages.

The collaboration of these two authors works very well. Each had a role to play in creating the book. SPOILER: Readers of LP’s books will be delighted when they see how her own series comes into play. I loved how that was done.

I recommend this novel. It is a thriller with heart and some important messages.

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