Pack a suitcase: Shape of a Boy

Family life lessons in far flung places (a travel memoir)

by Kate Wickers

#ShapeofaBoy #NetGalley

I found this book to be quite delightful! The author is a wonderful storyteller who makes each of her destinations come fully to life. She also has a terrific sense of humor and an ability to describe the realities of being a parent. At times, I smiled or cringed remembering what it was like to have a young baby. At others, I had to remind myself that the author made it through a difficult experience because, of course, she had published this book.

Ms. Wickers is an adventurer. She worked as a travel writer and loved exotic places before becoming a parent and has happy memories of travels with her family when she was a child. The author wanted to show her own children amazing places and took her first son on his first trip when he was just three months old. Some of the destinations that the growing family visited included Israel and Jordan, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Japan and Cubs. This is a family that is ready to take on all that life offers.

I recommend this enjoyable book. It will be liked by travelers, both armchair and real, as well as parents. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this fun read.

This title will be published on 22 Mar 2022.

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