Now out: Give Unto Others by Donna Leon

Give unto Others (Commissario Brunetti Book 31) by [Donna Leon]

Give unto Others is the next title in this author’s marvelous Guido Brunetti series. Leon is a mistress of place and character. Readers will feel that they are in Venice as they watch characters move around the city both on land and water. The effect of the “pandemia” on “Venezia” is also part of the story.

Readers will also (I hope) enjoy spending time with the ethical, good and warm Brunetti and those around him. Readers will be happy to see Elettra (the clever!) and the others who make up Brunetti’s team. Of course, any moments with the Bruetti family are also quite a treat.

In this novel, Brunetti hears from Elisabetta, the daughter of a woman who was always kind to Brunetti’s mother. Along the way, readers meet a number of characters including one with Alzheimer’s who are entangled in Elisabetta’s situation. The toll of Alzheimer’s disease is made quite clear. Readers learn that Brunetti’s mother was also challenged by this illness.

A bonus in this story is that readers learn something more about Brunetti’s childhood and parents. For series fans this will be especially welcome.

As is always true, Leon is a genius at titles. Is the “giving” meant to be about Brunetti’s desire to help someone from his childhood? Is it to do with the charity or funds that people use for pleasure even though not entitle to do so? It is left to the reader to decide.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

From the Publisher

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