We could all use: Lessons in Chemistry

A Novel

by Bonnie Garmus

#LessonsinChemistry #NetGalley

Unique, original, funny, poignant…I find that all of these words can be overused when praising books but this time, in my opinion, they are truly deserved. This novel is like none other that I have read although there is some connection to The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano in terms of what does it mean to become a parent when a woman does/did not wish to. Otherwise, the protagonists of the two books are quite different.

Lessons in Chemistry includes such a wonder box of treasures. Why is there a dog named 6:30 of all things? What will you think of his tragedy early in the book but his vigilance afterwards? Will you enjoy his empathy and understanding along with his understanding of a wide vocabulary? What would lead a baby to be named Mad? What are ergs doing in the story?

Readers become intimately acquainted with the idiosyncratic Elizabeth Zott. She is a woman placed in the wrong time by history. It is the 1950s into the 60s. She WANTS to be a chemist and a working woman who is respected but the times challenge her. Look for her work around to solve this.

Lessons in Chemistry refers, in part, to the science of cooking. What leads Elizabeth to be the host of TV cooking show? She is no Julia Child to be sure.

I loved this book! There were times when I laughed out loud. Anyone who may have found the transition to a life full of baby demands will know what Elizabeth is experiencing. There were many moments when I felt for the characters as they tried to get through their lives.

I highly recommend this title. Let me know what you think.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

This book will be published on 05 Apr 2022.

From the Publisher

page turning and highly satisfying says maggie shipsteadi loved it says nigella lawsonan utter delight says claire lombardo

“[An] energetic debut…A more adorable plea for rationalism and gender equality would be hard to find.” 
Kirkus (starred review)
“Indefatigable and formidable, Elizabeth pushes the bounds of how women and their work are perceived in this thoroughly engaging debut novel.”

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