This one is unique: Everybody Counts

A counting story from 0 to 7.5 billion

by Kristin Roskifte

#EverybodyCounts #NetGalley

Everybody Counts

This book offers a rather original way of conceiving a counting book. I enjoyed the way that it was illustrated; the people are in color while the backgrounds are in outline.

Unlike other counting books that I have reviewed, this one offers up more for introspection and discussion. While it has a familiar “seek and find” aspect, some of the subject matter might be a bit dark for young children. For example, the number 7 offers a police lineup.

I would suggest that families who purchase this title take some time to discuss the pictures with their child. There seem to be a lot of worried people in these pages.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opiniona are my own.

From the Publisher:

everybody countseverybody countseverybody countseverybody counts
One person. He is lying in bed counting his heartbeats. He wonders how many people are looking at the same stars right now.Six people in an elevator. One of them is scared he’s missing out. Two of them feel lonely.Eleven people on a soccer team. Ten of them like playing soccer. One of them dreads going to school.Twenty people in a school history class. One of them is thinking about all the people who’ve lived before us. One of them is thinking about a lost teddy. One of them is dreading soccer training. One of them will become president.
everybody countseverybody countseverybody countseverybody counts
Fifty people in a mall. One of them has great ambitions. One of them is worrying about a disappointed customer. Two of them are planning an important event.Seventy-five people running a marathon. One of them has won the lottery and is only running because he’s happy. Two of them are sisters but don’t know about each other. One of them likes going to strangers’ weddings and funerals.A hundred people in a schoolyard. One of them will soon fall and get hurt. One of them will develop a vaccine that saves millions of lives.A thousand people watch a large comet that won’t pass close to Earth for another 2,533 years. Many of them wonder whether there is life on other planets. None of them knows for sure what the meaning of life is.

Winner of the 2019 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize and the 2019 Gold Award for Visual Communication from Visuelt / Grafill Nordic Association.
Shortlisted for the Brage Prize, Norway’s most prestigious literary award, and the World Illustration Awards 2019.

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