Spend: Summer on the Island

A Novel

by Brenda Novak

#SummerontheIsland #NetGalley

Brenda Novak has written many women’s fiction titles. I have enjoyed all of the ones that I have read including One Perfect Summer and The Bookstore on the Beach. Ms. Novak has perfected the art of telling intersecting stories of women’s lives.

This book follows three primary characters and those around them. There are divorce attorney Marlow and the two friends that she made during the course of her work. One of these women, Aida divorced Dutton. Aida and Marlow met Claire when Claire told her that she had been involved with Dutton, not knowing that he was married. From this unlikely beginning, the three go to Florida for a summer of drama, relationships and growth.

Will Marlow return to her law practice in California? Will Aida who has mostly spent her life as a trophy wife find her purpose? Will Claire find her way? She is a yoga teacher who does not always feel zen.

Readers also learn that there is a secret in Marlow’s family. This has something to do with her father, a Senator who died leaving behind a wife with some health issues. Marlow will take care of family business. This will lead to her spending time with housekeeper Rosemary and her two adult sons, both of whom grew up around Marlow.

Meanwhile, Dutton wants to come to Florida to see Claire. What complications will ensue?

Prospective readers can see that a lot happens in this novel that is set on a beautiful Florida estate. They may be able to figure out some of the plot threads but I think that is okay. This is a novel to read for escape and relaxation and it definitely offers that.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Mira Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

Summer on the Island will be published on 05 Apr 2022.

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