What will be heard: The Echoes

A Novel

by Jess Montgomery

This review is for the audio book version so let;s start there. The narrator of this title does a good job of telling this story. She speaks so clearly that readers are easily able to follow and become involved with the characters and plot. I had read the other books so it was a treat to listen and hear the voices of characters who had previously existed in my mind.

The books that Ms. Montgomery writes about in this historical mystery series follow a number of characters, many of whom are women of principle living in a town where they are continually challenged. Lily became Sheriff after the death of her husband. She has subsequently faced many challenges. Lily’s friend Marvena has a strong presence on the page (or narration) as does Hildy. These are characters for whom readers will care. Each novel seems to bind them more closely together. In this entry, there is a new person in Esme. Readers will learn how she is connected to Lily and will hope that she is able to survive her challenges.

At the same time, there is a local situation calling for Lily’s skills in investigation. An amusement park opening that should be fun leads to complex doings that span generations.

The books in this series are best read in order. They can be both bleak and life affirming. These are small town stories that are anything but cozies. I recommend them all.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan audio. All opinions are my own..

Editorial Reviews


“An evocative and beautifully written tale of hardship, love, and kinship.”―Kirkus Reviews (Starred) on The Echoes

Praise for the Kinship Series:

“A beautifully written, finely crafted, character-based mystery that uses historical detail to enhance a powerful story.” ―Kirkus Reviews (Starred) on The Stills

“Like Sharyn McCrumb’s and Julia Keller’s thrillers, this third Lily Ross tale (following The Hollows, 2020) is a fine example of Appalachian storytelling, thoughtfully portraying characters at the intersections of kinship, poverty, power, and survival.” ―Booklist on The Stills


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